Natural, Organic products are Important!

For many years people though the skin could keep nasty chemicals at bay, However today we know this is far from the case.

When a substance comes into contract with the skin, dependent on its molecule size and the skin’s natural health, it has the potential to penetrate the three dermal layers of the skin. If these chemicals bypass the skin they can also enter directly into the blood stream!

The potential effects of absorbing some of the most common synthetic skincare ingredients are relatively unknown and scientific debate on the topic continues around the world. What we know if that for some people, chemical absorption can irritate, sensitise and destroy skin issue.

Irritation might take from Eczema, Dermititis, Psoriasis and allerges, whle sensitisingskin can make it much more prone to chemical irritation in the future.

People can decrease exposure to chemicals by using natural, organic products, starting with your skincare.

In order to decrease expoure to chemicals, We need to use natural, organicproducts here possible, starting with your skincare.

O-SPA offers a premium natural skincare solution especially for babies, young children and mothers, elders, those with delicate skin. To say it simple, O-SPA is a Safe Family product for every home.