The Ecocert certificate is not just a symbol attached to a product

In order to get it you must choose natural and clean ingredients, the manufacturing process must be strictly under control and the materials used for packaging must be carefully considered.

The basic principles of the certificate are based on environmentally sound and responsible operations.

All products marked with the label ECOCERT always specify how much of its ingredients are natural . For example Spa me Glycerin Soap has 95 % natural ingredients.

ECOCERT, the internationally recognised French organisation .


ECOCERT is an independent certification body. The certified natural logo by ECOCERT guarantees that the products comply with the standards both in raw materials and production methods.

Ecocert, was founded in 1991, currently offers its services of inspection and certification in more than 80 countries on all continents and employs over 350 people worldwide.

They certify over 70% of all the French producers. They partner with groups and organizations who are involved in the sustainable environment movement, a very important factor in the certification process. Are the certified ingredients we use sustainable resources? The answer should be yes. They are very much concerned about the Environment, REACH, Green Chemistry and Cancer-causing materials.

Ecocert is strictly a testing and certification organization.

Ecocert is accredited by COFRAC, the French Accreditation Committee, which demands independence, competence and impartiality. They follow ISO guidelines. Although based in France, they are not a government agency like the USDA.

The core business of Ecocert is to give a guarantee on strict compliance with the specifications applicable to products, systems and services. Certification by Ecocert represents a guarantee for the consumer or the end user.

Ecocert offers the ability to support, by using highly qualified personnel, a network of close and special tools, and a large number of players in the supply chain, in order to ensure compliance and the ability to tract ingredients and materials compared to European, American or Japanese benchmarks, depending on the market recipient.